Our insurance has gone to hell

25 Feb

I used to be able to order prescription refills within 3-4 hours of picking them up. I didn’t know it was because my insurance was so wonderful. I thought it was because the pharmacy was so wonderful.

Now, however, it takes days to get my insurance to do anything before I want to kick them in the pants.

Know this. IF there is a generic of a similar type medication, they are going to fight me on what I take. Never would they consider that I’ve taken every other nasal spray on the planet and went to a specialist to get into the combination I used to be in, until they came around.

Flonase may work, fine, for millions of people, but I need the Nasacort AQ and the Patanase, that I don’t dare tell them I’m out of, too.

Its not your job, dear insurance company, to prescribe. An RX is an order. It means my doctor wants *that.*

GYST! I think I’m forming allergies to the insurance company now.

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