Its Time for a New Doctor..

27 Feb

2D-structure of zolpidem (Ambien)

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4:30am.  Awake.  For a while.  Headache.

My doctor made me choose between Ambien and Anti-Anxiety drug.

Last month it was choose between Lyrica (that my insurance won’t cover now) or Reboxin. I chose Lyrica and then he ignored all my calls to find out about the pre-authorization my new insurance company is requiring.  Of course, they want him to prescribe a similar drug in generic.  Like insurance company’s are doctor’s now and we don’t really need a prescription because that couldn’t possibly be what the doctor wants me to take.

Now its “since you are starting new medications, I’d like to monitor you, so I’d like to see you back in four weeks..”  and I stood there thinking about how he could just want to buy a new boat.  I think I’d rather he just say that, too. :)

Seeing a new Psych next week. I hope he writes Rx’s and gets me outta sleepless hell.

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