Pharmacy Issues..

22 Feb

OVER on Simply CarolinaDreamz, there is a discussion about pharmaceutical wars,

I have a new long term extended release medication.  Its controlled.  I’m not allowed to get it filled until the day before or the day you run out of the current medication.

Guess what, though? (Almost had it hijacked cuz I couldn’t pee.. in the cup)

CVS doesn’t have it and won’t have it, by order, for 2-3 days. None in the area have it.

Umm..  that’s so unacceptable. Make me wait until the last minute and then make me go without.  That’s health care for you.

Any non controlled medication must be faxed into the insurance company to be mail ordered.

Last month, one of my pain medications was increased to 6mg, from 4mg.  I called the pharmacy to get a refill ordered.  They never filled.


Go read more about pharmaceutical problems over at Simply Carolina Dreamz.

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