Pharmacy Hell Continued

2 Mar

I, finally, got the doctor to change my prescription because as he says, “no one should pay a car payment for a co-pay.”


No one, but Walgreens, who doesn’t take my insurance anymore, had it.  We tried five pharmacies.

We finally got the phone number to the pharmaceutical to help us figure out where to go.

With their help and the help of Rite Aid, in Goose Creek, we found TWO.  Two?  What the crap? Nothing near my house?

No one should have to hunt down their prescription medication.  (Oh, btw, the drug was $469 at Walgreens)  Yeah right!

So, Walgreens loses tens of thousands of patients and yet they seem to be the only ones that are getting pharmaceutical deliveries. This is the second prescription that my CVS  says is on a two week back order.  Why are they being drug-blocked?

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