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Our insurance has gone to hell

25 Feb

I used to be able to order prescription refills within 3-4 hours of picking them up. I didn’t know it was because my insurance was so wonderful. I thought it was because the pharmacy was so wonderful. Now, however, it takes days to get my insurance to do anything before I want to kick them […]


24 Feb

We’ve been out of bananas for a few days. Every time it comes up in a conversation, I yell “BANANAS” real loud. Doesn’t matter if I’m in chat, on the phone, or face-to-face with one of the kids. Every morning I miss my banana in my cheerios. Every evening I miss my banana snack. I […]

More than one doctor??

23 Feb

I’m starting to feel like people should have more than one primary care provider. Like having an alternate to the “I’m not comfortable with that” (that you know his colleague gave to you last year.) I just got back from the doctor and I can’t remember a damn thing that we really talked about. I […]