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Its Amazing How Time Flies

30 Apr

The school semester has ended. It took up a lot of my time. I ended up with that barely A (3.05) going into the business management class final exam. Again. I’ve been going to a pain specialist, for my back, and I’m on bed rest from an injection. I did overdo it yesterday, going to […]

New Doctor.. New Labels.. Hello Sleep!

2 Mar

I only have one thing to say about all these new psychiatric labels. When do I get my check? ::laugh:: I really like this new doctor. Not a b*tch post today.. other than I’m afraid of labels and I don’t think our world should revolve around them. I learned, today, I’m neurotic and psychotic.. oh […]

.. and then we had to say Goodbye..

26 Feb

Dear Tommy, You were the best creature on the planet.  Not entirely all cat.. some human and full of personality that we miss everyday. Damn Cat Cancer.  I’m so happy you are not in pain anymore, but I’d rather be wrestling with you, right now. You chose us.  We will forever love you for that. […]

This Room of Requirement – a Tribe of one.

22 Feb

In this Tribe, there shall be vlogging.  You will get up and get dressed for the day, whether you have somewhere to go or not and you will leave routine messages here, in the Room of Requirement. Make-up is optional. Pajamas are acceptable. This is all a part of GYST! Positive Attitude isn’t necessary. as […]