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.. and we’ll show ‘em.. lab bills for u/a

28 Jan

The physicians Association is what is behind the necessity to take urinalysis to get narcotic pain medication in the state of South Carolina. Well… I keep getting these 1200 bills.  My insurance company isn’t paying anything until I find out if I’ve been in an accident, fallen in a store, or was in a vehicle.  […]

Pharmacy Hell Continued

2 Mar

I, finally, got the doctor to change my prescription because as he says, “no one should pay a car payment for a co-pay.” THEN.. No one, but Walgreens, who doesn’t take my insurance anymore, had it.  We tried five pharmacies. We finally got the phone number to the pharmaceutical to help us figure out where […]

Pharmacy Issues..

22 Feb

OVER on Simply CarolinaDreamz, there is a discussion about pharmaceutical wars, I have a new long term extended release medication.  Its controlled.  I’m not allowed to get it filled until the day before or the day you run out of the current medication. Guess what, though? (Almost had it hijacked cuz I couldn’t pee.. in […]

I found it!

24 Aug

I found the perfect theme to start my life story writing assignment.  Now I just need to come up with a name/domain. I want to try to be positive about this name even though most of the junk that is stuck in my head, blocking the good memories will come out first. Something that is […]

Beat up by the Pro’s

18 Jul

Went to the dentist and had some crown work done.  After inserting a post and building it all up.. I thought all was well.  Now that the whatevercaine has worn off..  well hell Then I went for deep tissue massage on my neck. They wanted to do my lower back but my neck pain was […]

Its Amazing How Time Flies

30 Apr

The school semester has ended. It took up a lot of my time. I ended up with that barely A (3.05) going into the business management class final exam. Again. I’ve been going to a pain specialist, for my back, and I’m on bed rest from an injection. I did overdo it yesterday, going to […]

New Doctor.. New Labels.. Hello Sleep!

2 Mar

I only have one thing to say about all these new psychiatric labels. When do I get my check? ::laugh:: I really like this new doctor. Not a b*tch post today.. other than I’m afraid of labels and I don’t think our world should revolve around them. I learned, today, I’m neurotic and psychotic.. oh […]

Online school woes..

1 Mar

My “advisor” contact at school called today to tell me nothing new. Acted like I was bothering. Called out my anxiety, like she got a memo about it.. Nothing is changing in the next 9 wks cuz there are no classes open. Its a shame that an online class is limited to 20. I’ll never […]

all stressed out with no where to go..

28 Feb

I hate my brain. I’m supposed to be studying for a final but I’m too stressed out worried about it. This is what makes me so b*tchy. I know it. So the damn doctor made me choose between Ambien and Anti-Anxiety medicine. I chose the Anti-Anxiety because my Anxiety about Anxiety can’t imagine not having […]

Its Time for a New Doctor..

27 Feb

4:30am.  Awake.  For a while.  Headache. My doctor made me choose between Ambien and Anti-Anxiety drug. Last month it was choose between Lyrica (that my insurance won’t cover now) or Reboxin. I chose Lyrica and then he ignored all my calls to find out about the pre-authorization my new insurance company is requiring.  Of course, […]